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Skanda Vale temple

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Skanda Vale is a multi-faith ashram (or monastery) near Carmarthen in Wales. It was founded on pure Sanathana Dharma; the timeless consciousness of God, as taught by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. We believe that all religions stem from, and merge into the one Reality; God is One, though His forms are many.


Our Pickups Start at 11:00pm (Pickup time may vary depending on the number of pickups we have). We will stopover for quick break twice before we finally reach for Darshans at Skanda Vale.


We will reach Skandavale around 4:30 AM. We will attend the first pooja which will commence at 5:00AM (Pooja duration 1 hour) at Lord Murugan Temple. After attending first pooja we will head towards Maha Shakti Temple which is situated on the hills. (Approximate journey 20 mins by walk). Pilgrims who are elderly or disabled to walk up the steep hill are offered a minibus service by the temple provided they have been informed well in advance. Maha Shakti Aarti will begin at 6:30AM and will last for an hour. Here you will have a chance to serve the offerings to God. After attending this pooja we will be on our way back down the hill to help ourselves for the wonderful breakfast provided by the Swamis of the Temple. It will be free of charge so we plead all pilgrims to not to waste any food or drink. After having delicious food we will have some spare time to explore the beauty of nature and surroundings of the temple. At last we will attend the third pooja at Lord Rnaganatha Temple starting at 9:30 and continuing for an hour.


After finishing third pooja we will depart towards London and this time instead of stopping at services we will stop at barry island beach  for two and half hour. After spending the great time with your friends and family, we will travel the rest of the journey towards London. 


Please read carefully before you plan your travel:


You should wear …

Skanda Vale is an outdoors place, and the weather is often a lot worse than in the cities. You should be prepared, even in summer, for bad weather. We recommend you wear warm outdoor clothing, with waterproofs, umbrellas and sensible shoes for walking on uneven ground. If you are visiting in the winter then you should bring a torch as well. Your temple clothing should be clean and modest. We ask pilgrims not to bring leather jackets, belts or handbags into the temples.


What to bring …

All worship, meals and accommodation at Skanda Vale are offered free of charge. If you would like to donate money, food or any other items then you are very welcome. Food offerings should be arranged on trays, and placed on the tables outside any of our three temples before the puja starts. Money offerings should be placed in the red metal donation boxes outside each of the temples.


Most of the pilgrims have travelled a very long way to be there. Please grant them your respect by following these simple temple rules:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Sing, chant and worship God, but don’t talk during pujas.
  • No photography or recording in the temples.
  • Men and women sit separately.
  • Children must be supervised at all times, and must be quiet in the temples.


The grounds of the Skandavale are sacred, so do not pick any plants or flowers – children found throwing stones at our animals will be in serious trouble. SkandaVale have continuing problems with pilgrims dropping their rubbish; please understand that Skandavale don’t have a big team of cleaners – the swamis who lead the pujas are the same people that have to clean up everything you throw on the floor.


Pilgrims must not offer healing, therapies, counselling or medical treatment, (except emergency first aid) whilst at Skanda Vale. If you would like to volunteer as a health care practitioner, there may be an opportunity for you to help at their Hospice. Please contact the Temple for more information.


As a general rule, you should come to Skanda Vale only to enhance your personal experience of God. It is not acceptable to use the ashram as a network to promote your business, find a partner, or recruit for other religious or charitable organisations. Leaving religious pictures or literature for pilgrims to pick up is not OK.



Important notice for all passengers …

  • Visitors must not have eaten Non Veg (Meat)and must be alchohol free for last 3 Days prior to visiting Skanda Vale.
  • Mobile should be switched off during the Poojas.
  • Do not throw coins in the Ranganatha Temple Pond / lakes around.
  • Dont waste the Prasad (breakfast), you can ask for more if you need. 


Price Includes

  • Complete Return Journey


Price Exclude

  • Any expense of personal nature.
  • Any expense for food or snacks during the day.



Package Inclusive:

Pick up & Drop off  

  1. Start time: 11.00 pm South road, Southall, near KFC, UB1 1SU Drop off time: 9.00 PM
  2. Start time: 11.15 pm Hounslow centre, tube station Drop off time: 8.45 PM
  3. Start time: 11.30 pm Hounslow west near KFC, TW6 2AA Drop off time: 8.30 PM

Price Includes

·         Complete Return Journey

Price Exclude

·         Any expense of personal nature.

·         Any expense for food or snacks during the day.


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